When GTA first was released many years ago, it got a lot of flack from people who thought it was to violent, diabolical and would ruin childrens minds. Then after a expansion disc was released, GTA 2 hits the market. It was a washed out version of everything that made GTA so great.
Now Rockstar redesigns the game and made it again what GTA was all about, playing a bad guy and committing crimes. GTA 3 has to be the most adult game I’ve ever seen on a console system in a long time. The gameplay is basically Driver 2 with an adult twist.

You can steal any car you come across, sport cars, sadans, trucks, SUV’s, big rigs, boats, cop cars, fire trucks, ambulances, taxis and a tank just to name a few. 
There’s about ten weapons to discover and cause mayhem, the list includes; a bat, pistol, uzi, shotgun, AK-47, M-16, sniper rifle, grenades, Molotov cocktails and a rocket launcher.
So you not only can use them in your missions, but can go on a shooting spree in the streets. Sniper people from a rooftop, beat people with your bat, or just blow up every car you see.
You can even pick up hookers in GTA3, (I’m not kidding) Pick one up, find a secluded spot and let her do her job. And you get health this way but at a price of course. But you can get your mony back easy enough by beating her up and taking your money back.

There’s tons of mini-games hidden in this game. Some are by finding special cars that open a mini-game and others are icons. There’s so much freedom in this game that it is as much fun going around causing chaos as it is taking jobs and beating the missions. 
The graphics are great, but compared to other 128-bit games it its not top notch. 
Thers a little bit of pop-up and slow down, but it doesn’t ruin the gameplay.
There’s three islands to Liberty City and they are HUGE! There’s so much to explore it would take tons or game playing hours to see it all. There’s even 100 hidden packages to find in the three islands, these open the availability of weapons.

The sound is funny and on the money for the most part. Walk the street to hear the people mumble to them selfs, people will yell and curse at you for stealing their car and also returning are the funny radio stations, but now you can change the dail and find your favorite. 
GTA 3 is a must play for anyone who always wanted to get into criminal mischief without loosing their freedom. This game is a must own for muture adults.

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