Have you ever been on a nice bicycle ride that suddenly turned scary because a small hill turned out to be much steeper and bumpier than you had thought?
For anyone who has been mountain biking this has happened.
Now, it depends on the enthusiast on whether this was a scary experience or a thrilling one. 
For those who found it exhilarating, this is the game for you. Downhill Domination from Sony for the Sony PlayStation.
There aren’t a lot of mountain bicycling games. In fact the last one I can recall was No Fear Mountain Bike Racing from Codemasters for the PSone.
I thought that was a pretty decent game, however compared to Downhill Domination that was crap!
However, they are two completely different games too. No Fear took it self seriously, while Domination does not.
In fact it plays almost identically to Freekstyle minus the engine.
To put it lightly, this game is Flippin’ AWESOME!

Think about it. The best part of mountain biking is the small time you spend going down hill.
It’s a little scary, but mostly freeing. Now imagine a whole mountain bike ride that was nothing but downhill.
Speeds up to 65 MPH out of control mayhem. And of course its only a game, so no one gets hurt.
But oh, do you feel the pain. When I crash in this game I feel it. I cannot help but yell out loud. Ohhhhh! Aahhhhhh! Ouch! And some other select choice words, I’ll leave up to your imagination.

This game is flawless. High rez graphics send you speeding down these mountains.
This game goes so fast it almost gives you the feeling of going down the fastest roller coaster you can imagine.
I kid you not. This game gives you closest thing to the same exhilaration a coaster gives you of any game.
You are so into the game you can feel your hands tightening around the controller like you would around the bike’s handle bars.
You speed through a ton of obstacles with only a second to think about it. Trees, rocks, animals, people, other riders.
It gets so overwhelming. You have to do anything to win. Including punching, kicking, or throwing objects at your opponents.
Coming in number one is not all there is to this race, tricks and points count just as much.

Downhill Domination has something for everyone. Thrills, action, and for you people who like to accomplish things while playing games.
(You know who you are) Downhill Domination is chalk full of secrets and prizes to earn. Such as characters, bikes, levels, bios, videos, on and on my friend.
But even if you don’t care about all that, this game is fun with a capitol F.
I’m tellin’ you right now you won’t this much fun n any other game outside an EA sports BIG title.
If this game doesn’t get your heart pumping, you’re dead.

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