Final Fantasy has taken the leap into the online RPG, While personally I feel This Final
Fantasy shouldn’t be part of the numbered series, because it doesn’t have the memorable 
characters and story the rest of the series portray. Does this make FFXI a bad game?
Far from it, FFXI is the best online RPG I’ve ever played. In fact the game play is better then
FFX and FFX-2, the maps are huge! There’s so much to explore and do it’s hard to decide 
where or what to do each time you play. Like other online RPG’s, you create a character and
build your character’s stats by exploring and battling in the game. You team up with other
players from all over the world, (mainly America and Japan) on both PS2 and PC and work
together to level up and explore the world. The world is even divided into three main
countries and you can work to claim land for your country. There’s missions and quests to
achieve, and there’s fifteen job classes. The jobs range from warriors, monks, rangers, and
ninjas to mages, summoners and beast masters. You can switch job classes at any time with
one character, but if you have a level 20 warrior and switch to a red mage you’ll start back at
level 1. And you can switch back to your level 20 warrior at any time. There’s also sub-jobs,
your character can hold two jobs at once but the sub-job is only half the level of your main job.

Most of the jobs you have to earn by completing quests. The battles are almost turn based.
You lock on to a target and choose from your menu to battle. Unlike Ever quest,
if you lock onto a monster, no one else can fight it but you and your party.
This is a plus because other players can’t steel your kill, but also bad because if you get into trouble no one can
jump in and help you defeat it. There’s so much to do in FFXI, there’s an auction house to sell items,
crafts to master by combining crystals with items. Fishing, chocobo riding, earning sub-jobs,
you can start or join a linkshell (similar to guilds in Everquest) there’s even extra quests that
Square/Enix adds to the game every so often. I tried the game using both broadband and
dial-up and found that dialup plays with little trouble. The game had a little lag and a couple
freeze ups but it doesn’t happen often and doesn’t ruin the game. But I do recommend
broadband just because it plays a lot smoother and you get a lot less lag when your in an
area with a lot of people. The game is highly addicting, you’ll lose track of time really fast
and it’s hard to log off once you start so be warned.

The graphics are good, but compared to FFX its step back. But for an online RPG, it’s the
best I’ve ever seen. The sound is basic Final Fantasy, nothing new, just classic FF music
we’ve all come to love. The control is solid for the most part, there are times the characters
don’t control right due to your conection. But this can’t be helped. And I do recommend a
keyboard, when talking with other players this is extremely helpful. While the game itself
gets mostly great praise, it’s the cost and the hard drive itself there’s issues with. To
play FFXI $99.99 (plus tax) for the HDD another $40 for the network adapter, another
$12.95 a month to play the game. And if you want to create more then one character or play
the Tetra card game, this to will also cost extra per month. And don’t forget the Internet
server costs if you don’t already have one. So if you really want to play FFXI you’ll have to
open your wallet really wide. Now the HDD, The HDD is mainly used for FFXI. You can store
game saves, including PS1 saves, but only as backup. You can also download new levels
for a couple games. Hopefully more in the future. If you thinking of buying an HDD just to
store memory card saves, keep in mind you’ll still have to buy a network adapter to use the
HDD. FFXI is a great game that is worth your time, if you don’t mind the costs to
play. The replay value will keep you playing for the next couple years. You may never see
daylight again. In closing I hope Square/Enix uses the huge maping, exploation and job
system in FFXI with a great story and characters in Final Fantasy’s past. If FFXII does all
this, it will be the best Final Fantasy adventure ever made.

PUBLISHERSqaure/Enix with Sony
PLAYERS1 (1000’s online)
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