Last years smash Dreamcast title Crazy Taxi was arguably one of the systems best games in its three-year run.
So now that Sega is laying the Dreamcast to rest, what should become of those great Dreamcast titles?
Put them on PlayStation 2 of course.
Thanks to Acclaim, some of Sega’s great Dreamcast titles are coming to a PS2 near you.
First up is Crazy Taxi. A Sega arcade in which you play one of four wild taxi drivers as you speed along the streets of San Francisco picking up passengers.
The trick is to get as many clients as you can in the limited time allowed.

Being that it’s an arcade game, the rules of physics do not apply here. So crash, jump, drive as wildly as you got to, to get your passenger to his or her desired destination. And you’ll have a blast while doing so.
Crazy Taxi is one of those games that anybody can play and enjoy. It’s not complex, and does not require any background or knowledge of games to play. You can pick it up and play for a few minutes or a few hours. Either way, this game will rock you.
Now, for all you former Dreamcast owners who are wondering how Acclaim did with this port over to PS2. It is flawless. I could not believe it myself. Why? Do you remember Acclaim’s Capcom translations?????

If you’re like me and still have a Dreamcast and plan on holding onto it.
There is no real reason you should even want to buy this edition of Crazy Taxi for PS2.
You either have it already, or can purchase it for less than $20 for Dreamcast. However, if you dumped your last Sega machine for the PS2 and want the Craziness back, or never had the pleasure before? This is a must have for your PS2 library. 
Crazy Taxi is so impressive, I think this teaming of Acclaim and Sega could work well. Sega’s 18 Wheeler game is coming up next from these guys. I hope this trend continues. I’d like to see Crazy Taxi 2 come over to the PS2 as well.

I’m sure I’ll get some feedback from, this comment, but I’m gonna say it anyway. I’m glad the Dreamcast is dead. That’s right. I’m glad. It’s almost a relief. The wait is over, we all knew it was coming. The Dreamcast was far from being the best system. Sure in 1999 it had the best graphics, but we all knew the rest would catch up and surpass it. The design was flawed. Not so much the system, but the controllers. In my opinion, the Dreamcast controller is one of the worst designed. The virtual memory card was kinda fun at first, but lost its appeal a week later. The add on rumble pack, was so Nintendo, and Sega was Sega and offered too many add ons. The built in modem was a huge plus for Sega. You have to give them that. Sure the network had its problems, but we don’t have to go there now.
The Sega Dreamcast is dead, but Sega will continue to make games as a 3rd party developer for other systems. This a good thing. Sega should have done that in 1997 when they talked about making Virtua Fighter 2 for Psone.
Because bottom line, Sega makes great games but not great systems. Sega would be missed. The Dreamcast will not.


ESRB RATING: T (everyone)








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