One of the funniest games I have ever played was an old little known PC title called Secret of Monkey Island. I played it on my old 486DX “Super” computer.
It was a point and click, animated adventure game by Lucas Arts. The game was so witty it had me laughing out loud all the way through it. Well, evidently it wasn’t just me. Lucas Arts had three sequels over the years. Unfortunately all were on PC, and I stopped playing PC games due to the lack confidence in my computers over the years.
And the lack of wanting to invest $$ in new video cards every three months.

Fast Forward to 2001. Lucas Arts releases the first Monkey Island game on a console since the original. (The original Secret of Monkey Island appeared briefly on SEGA CD.) 
The latest Monkey Island adventure titled Escape From Monkey Island is now available on PlayStation 2. 
Escape was out for PC last year and featured the characters in full 3D for the first time in the series. 
The PS2 edition is no different. It looks and plays beautifully on the PS2.
In the game you play as Guybrush Threepwood, a young silly pirate who arrives home from his honeymoon with his new bride Elaine Marley. ( The love interest from the previous games.)
Only when he arrives home, an island in which his new wife governs, he finds out his wife has been declared dead by the government. They figured she was lost at sea.

Now he has to get his wife back with the living (in the computers anyway) and stop his house from being torn down. (It’s a long story)
Not to mention an Evil Australian land developer is buying all the land and conning his way into owning the rest. Looks like Guybrush has his hand’s full, and this is just in the first ten minutes. 
A lot of old friends return in this adventure. Guybrush’s old crew from the original return (reluctantly), the same funny, dry wit, and of course Monkey Island.

Graphically, Escape is better then its predecessors, but this game does NOT need to be in 3D. In fact, I kinda liked it better in 2D, but that’s the times were in.
The game even makes fun of this fact. The loading is the only problem I have with this game. It loads between scenes, even sometimes during the FMV. I’m sure the PC version did this as well, it’s unavoidable in a CD game. Especially with a 233MHZ processor.

If you own a PlayStation 2, and have a sense of humor. You have to play this game. Just buy it, because if you rent it, you’ll only end up buying it anyway.
There is so much to see and do and say in this game, you’ll want to play it again. This is a must have for any PS2 collection to be complete.
Okay, you want a one phrase reason why this game is so great. Here it is. It’s what I’ve been saying all my life. “Monkeys are funny.” It’s a fact.










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