Mat Hoffman fan’s rejoice. Mat Hoffamn 2 is not yet available for Ps2 and probably won’t be til later next year! 
Now you have plenty of time to enjoy the awesome Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 from acclaim! Yes, Dave Mirra is great.

Playstation 2 – X-Box – GameCube

The graphics are very realistic. Dave and his pals move more fluently then ever before. 
This is most obvious when you crash or wipe out. Dave’s body becomes a rag doll, limbs are flopping and flying everywhere. Its so real, it hurts. 
Dave Mirra 2 offers all the standard features expected from a bmx title. Real life riders and landscapes, create a park, hip soundtrack, and a wipeout contest. 
What? A wipeout contest?? Oh Yes. Probably the best and most original feature in the game. 
You and a friend compete, in who ever has the um, best crash, wins. Sounds strange, but it allows for a lot of fun and laughs.

Playstation 2 – X-Box – GameCube

Dave Mirra 2 is can also be found on Nintendo Game Cube and Xbox with two additional levels and enhanced high resolution graphics. The two added levels are awesome, but the design of the controller hurts the game play a bit on the Xbox and Cube.
I know, its not a fair criticizem to the game and its not intended to mark points off. I personally find the PS2 controller is better designed, therefore more comfortable, and therefore provides better gameplay.

Playstation 2 – X-Box – GameCube

Dave Mirra 2 has the luxury of being the first bmx title on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Game Cube.
So it automatically earns the title of best BMX game. However, compared to all BMX games, this one will not only out shine it with graphics, but will certainly play as well too.
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 is truly a great game, the best in acclaim’s max sports series. 
Acclaim has always excelled with new technology. Acclaim was the first to utilize the Nintendo 64’s 64 bit graphics and what that could mean to a football game.
Now acclaim is the first on the scene with its max sports line up.
Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross World is next up. It’s a shame the quality could not be the same for Mr. McGrath’s game.

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