Back in the mid nineties when Resident Evil made its debut on the what’s now known as the PSone, it tore up the industry.
Followed by sequel after sequel. Now Resident Evil is locked into a deal with Nintendo Gamecube.
But before they ever see a new episode we PlayStation 2 users get a whole new Resident Adventure.
Resident Evil : Dead Aim is the sequel to Resident Evil Survivor from the PSone.
However its actually part of a survivor series Capcom has published for a while in Japan. Resident Evil Survivor and Dino Stalker (Gun Survivor: Dino Crisis in Japan) are all part of it. 
Resident Evil : Dead Aim tells a the story of some T-Virus being smuggled aboard a cruise liner and of course, it breaks out and infects thousands.
So you play as one of two survivors who must investigate what’s goin’ on. As well as kill a whole lot zombies along the way.

Graphically, Dead Aim is no where near the quality we’ve come to expect from any Resident Evil game.
That doesn’t meen its terrible though. In fact, I think the in games graphics are quite good.
Your character runs around in a really high rez, yet dark atmosphere. He carries a light on his chest which guides the way. (Silent Hill anyone?)
There’s a lot less detail to in this game. Like the levels themselves.
Sure they look good, but they tend to look alike after a while and the feel rather empty.
Heck, the Resident’s on PSone looked better technically.
I say the in game graphics, because the FMV is down right terrible.
With the exception of the opening video, the FMV looks like something from a 9.99 priced PSone title.
Maybe that’s being harsh, but you can tell pride was not on the schedule when developing these cut scenes.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim does work with the Guncon gun, however personally I found it better without it. less of a pain. Better control. Its just as fast, just as fun. 
This game in general plays a lot faster than the usual RE game. Don’t panic, and think they turned it into a shooter.
There’s still a lot of exploring and a lot of down time. However, the action is faster and the characters run faster. No more run button. They always run.
Not a bad thing at all. Just different. You may have seen this game get a lot of low ratings from other reviewers.
Honestly, I think it’s a good game. I recommend this game even if you haven’t liked the past RE games.
Some people don’t like long and slow games. They need a game with a faster pace.
Understandable, well Resident Evil:Dead Aim lets you a survival horror, quicker, faster, with full entertainment.

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