If someone asked you what is the most valuable Plystation One game? What would you say?
Think about it. Most games do not keep any value at all. Games that are in high demand go for a higher dollar, but that varies year by year, even day by day.
However, the one game that has held its value the longest is the first Dragon Ball game to be released in the states.
Why? Because it was released by Bandai in vary limited quantities for a vary limited time. 
It wasn’t even Dragon ball Z, but Dragon Ball GT. So, is it worth its value? No. The game is quite terrible actually.
However, there is enough Dragon Ball fans out there that the game has become highly sought after.
After years of no new Dragon Ball games in the US, Infogrames got the rights to the franchise. First up Dragon Ball Z Budokai for PlayStation 2. It’s a brand new 3D fighting game. (what else)

Okay Dragon Ball fans, the big question. Is it any good. Is this what you’ve all been dreaming about, lusting for, and waiting years for?
Unfortunately, it is not a great game. I would say its average. Lets face it. The day any old fighting game will do is long gone.
We won’t be satisfied with just a generic fighter with our favorite characters as the main players. And that’s exactly what Budokai is.
I wish I had better news for ya. Sure there are the die hard fans of Dragon Ball that will get a kick out of it. Simply because it is, after all, a Dragon Ball Z game.
Which I can understand. I was probably one of the few fans of the Star Wars fighting game they had a few years ago.
However, I was board with it real fast, cause it hadn’t the depth to keep my attention.
The problem is, I feel that’s all Infogrames was focused on. Instead of creating a great game that would pull in fans and non fans, we have a game for the fans only. And much like I did, the fans will tire easy of this one.

Graphically it ain’t too bad. It has a eally nice animated look. It follows the characters true to the show.
There is the typicle combos and mastering of the characters . . yawn.
The landscapes are REALLY boring to look at. I mean bland. Hey, lets go fight in the desert, okay? Whatever.
If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan and you enjoy this game. Godbless you. I just wish they would have included the rest of us. Perhaps it’s an inside joke, and I just don’t get it. 
On a side note. Infogrames is releasing Dragon Ball Z Battle 22 for PSone for the first time in the US.
Great or not, its about time. I applaud Infogrames for doing this. Its long overdue.

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