Notably considered the best racing game ever made, it wouldn’t be long before Gran Turismo made its leap from PSone to PS2. In fact. It was originally scheduled to be a launch game titled Gran Turismo 2000.
The word was that GT2000 was weak for a PlayStation 2 title. So it was scrapped and they started over again. Enter Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec.

This is an instant classic. GT3 takes the PS2 to a whole new level. The graphics are out of this world. The game play looks just as good as the replay movies. The game gives new meaning to life like. The natural looking trees and backgrounds are breath taking. No more card board looking trees. These graphics are beautiful.
Gran Turismo 3 isn’t perfect. The muscle cars were cut, still no drag racing, and still no damage. In fact GT3 has three major flaws. First and foremost, I don’t like the way they cut out the used car lots. GT3 only features new cars. Which means you have to settle for a lesser car to start if you ask me.

Yes you can still upgrade it as you earn more money, but it provides for fewer selections. Secondly, the music is too low and doesn’t provide a way to be adjusted. Not everyone has stereo on the television. And last but not least. The few tracks’ GT3 offers are reissued of GT2 tracks. What is THAT all about? Okay, they look awesome, but would it have killed them to create new ones?
The three faults of GT3 are forgivable. Okay, maybe GT3 is more of an update to GT2 than a full-blown sequel. That’s what sequels are. Show me one person who can tell the difference from Tomb Raider 1 thru 5. Eidos made one long game in five chapters.

Gran Turismo 3 is one of the many must have games coming out this year. 2001 will be remembered as the year of the PlayStation 2 I think.
After all the talk of the PS2 not having any good games. PS2 owners will have too many good games to choose from this year. 
GT3 is a must have for all racing fans. However, for those of you who were not big GT fans before. You will not be converted. It’s worth a rent just for the visuals.
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is as good as it gets right now. It makes me dream of the possibilities for GT4 in a couple of years 🙂

DEVELOPERPolyphony Digital
ESRB RATINGE (everyone)
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