The original snow boarding game is back.
After five successful games on the PSone Cool Boarders has graduated to the next level. Cool Boarders 2001 is now available on PlayStation 2. It may carry the same name as its final PSone edition, but this is not just a port over. Cool Boarders 2001 for PS2 is a whole new game.
Sony rebuilt it from the ground up. What we have is a very decent boarder game. In fact, it’s the best Cool Boarders ever. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Of course it’s the best one. Its on the PS2 VS. the PSone, Duh! My answer to that is Gameday or any other 989 Sports PS2 title. I think I can safely say that the PSone versions are far better.

Cool Boarders 2001 for PS2 is Not just graphically either. It plays better. Its not just better graphics and new coarses. 
The slopes large and do feature some nice detail. You have the freedom to stray from the set course, however you will lose the race. Little pop-up was noticed, and the speeds are quite exhilarating. 
The control is tight. I can’t really complain. It features the same control set up the PSone had. You perform great tricks fairly easily. The fighting technique is still intact, and rarely used.

Cool Boarders 2001 features real pro boarders including Tara Dakides, Kevin Jones, Michele Taggart, Barrett Christy, and some CB originals.
CB 2001 also features an impressive soundtrack including tunes from Stone Temple Pilots, Fear Factory and Fu Manchu.
Cool Boarders 2001 is a solid snow boarder, and more professional in many ways than SSX. However, SSX still rocks and has yet to even come close to beaten. I’m not saying every snowboarding game should be arcade style like SSX, but why not the speed, the graphics, and the sound effects.

Truth is, I like the Cool Boarders series. I was very disappointed in Cool Boarders 2001 for the PSone. I feared the PS2 version would be a port over. I’m so glad that it is not. 
Sony started from scratch. Which is exactly what the series needed.
Cool Boarders 2001 is worth a look. SSX is only one game and its time we found an alternative. Even if it is slightly inferior.


ESRB RATING: E (everyone)








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